Tuesday, August 4, 2009

at the hospital early

We had so much time after the appointment with Dr. Mirali that we drove up 495 to the Virginia side of Great Falls Park. It's $5 for a 3-day pass, but Dad whipped out his senior membership card-- good at all national parks-- and got us in for free.

So we parked the car, parked Mom in her wheelchair, and entered the park. We ate a small but expensive lunch at the park ($3.25 for a hot dog will give you an idea of what "expensive" means), then headed out to see the falls.

Two of the three overlooks are wheelchair-accessible; we took Mom to what was billed as the best view: Overlook 3. It was indeed a gorgeous sight, and we stood there a while, baking in the sun but fascinated by the angry movement of so much water.

It wasn't long before it was time to go. We drove back down to the hospital and arrived around 1:20, very early for Mom's 2PM radiotherapy.

And that's where matters stand at the moment. Dr. Mirali was generally satisfied with the way Mom's skin has been healing, especially her scalp. He did mention that Mom's leg wasn't healing as fast as he would like, but that she would be fine. He also told us that, when the time came for bone emplacement surgery, Dr. Leiphart would be able to use the same initial incision as before.

The appointment ended with Dr. Mirali telling us that we needed to visit him again only if we had any problems. That sounded like good news to me. I'll take whatever good news I can get.

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