Saturday, August 8, 2009

la tondeuse et moi

It's around 87 degrees outside (that's Fahrenheit for all my non-English-system-using readers), which is hot, but is nothing compared to tomorrow's temps. The current forecast for tomorrow is 96 degrees after a rain, i.e., it'll be hot and humid as hell.

So even though lunchtime is the worst time of day to mow the lawn, that's what I'll be doing in a few minutes, from about 1PM to 3PM. I'll be doing only the back yard today; it's gone without a trim for about two weeks, and the weeds that comprise 70% of the yard have grown big and mean during the interim.

Once I get back inside and shower up, it'll be Dad's turn to do housework: we need to start prepping for the arrival of some relatives from Texas, and as Dad pointed out, the stairs that lead down to the basement/family room look horrible. Dad and I have to do chores in a tag-team manner because one of us must always be there to watch Mom. It decreases our efficiency, but without another brother in the house to do some Mom-sitting for a few hours, we have little choice. No big deal; we'll do what needs getting done.


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