Thursday, October 29, 2009


Sean came by sometime after noon today, while Mom was still in bed. She woke up, and decided to get out of bed a little before 1PM. She performed all the requisite ablutions, dressed, then wandered with me into the kitchen, where she wiped down a couple counters before consenting to go sit on the couch to await lunch.

Sean disappeared downstairs and reappeared wearing Dad's Air Force fatigues: he's been invited to a Halloween party being thrown by some military musicians he knows. I suspect that Sean will probably be the only one in any sort of uniform at that party.

We're all marveling at how thin Sean is. The combination of Atkins and exercise has worked very well for him. Long ago, he used to be well over the 230-pound mark, but now, thanks to years of dieting and discipline, he fluctuates between 170-something and 180 pounds. As a result, Dad's fatigues fit him quite well. The fatigues themselves are a bit outdated; the US military now seems to favor fatigues with computer-created prints.

Mom's finishing up lunch now, and Sean's gone. Once Mom is done eating and has had a chance to let her food settle a bit, she and I will hit Fort Hunt Park. Mom's new shoes ought to fit her quite well: this morning, I was delighted to see that her feet were far less swollen than they had been over the past few days.

Sean didn't want to carve his own pumpkin before he left, so I've got quite a lot of carving ahead of me today. I'll get started on that once we're back from the park.



chuck said...

Maybe it should be Kevins' walk..Of how we walk this life and how it really is a twist to think that we control anything that goes on in our lives really.. It really makes you wonder how big God really has to be. Life is a short walk, so don't miss a step or it is gone, enjoy those that we meet and call friend, and love those that are family even when really we don't want to.

Kevin Kim said...


Thanks for the comment. Luckily, our immediate family has no trouble when it comes to loving each other.

And yeah, you're right that life is both brief and not a straight line. Every moment is a gift.