Tuesday, October 27, 2009

new partiers

There's good news and there's bad news about my sickness. The good news is that the bronchitis seems, at long last, to be fading away. I still rattle, but the frequency of coughing is decreasing, and I'm hawking up less phlegm. This change became apparent during our trip to Skyline Drive, and the trend has continued. After a full month, the bronchitis is, slowly and grudgingly, leaving the building.

However, even as the bronchitis steps out, we've got new party guests coming in. Yesterday, I had a slightly elevated temperature for a few hours, and also had a sore throat and a stuffy nose. Thanks to the blockage, I haven't been able to taste food very well for the past two or three days.

As much as I love cold weather, a stuffy nose usually comes with the territory. I may need to eat some spicy soups to get that problem under control; nothing unblocks me quite like red chili pepper.

If the assault on my immune system has been this intense, I can only wonder how Mom's doing. Thus far, she hasn't been coughing, nor has she been feverish, and she hasn't complained of headaches in a long time. We should probably speak with her primary care physician, or with her new infectious disease specialist at Fairfax Hospital, about how to handle the coming winter, what our guests should do when they come over, etc. It's a long period of cool and cold weather ahead; infection is potentially as deadly to Mom as her cancer is.


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