Thursday, October 29, 2009

today's mission

I'd be out there doing yard work right now, except that Dad, who left the house around 9:30AM, will be out for a few hours on various errands. Mom's asleep, but I'm keeping watch over her, and will have the rare chance to help her out of bed to start her day. She won't actually get out of bed until sometime around noon, but I've positioned myself upstairs to be ready for her, just in case she stirs earlier than normal.

So my projects for today will be of the indoor variety. We still need to carve the last three pumpkins, and later today, after Dad gets home, I plan to make a classic chicken soup-- something Dad's been wanting for a while. Not the most ambitious of projects, but they'll get me through the day.

UPDATE: As my buddy Mike indirectly reminded me, today is a walking day for Mom, and she has new walking shoes. She and I will hit the park sometime this afternoon and pound out those 680 yards.


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