Monday, October 26, 2009

this is the week

This is the week when we find out what's been happening inside Mom's head. She gets her MRI on Wednesday the 28th, and the whole family will be present at NCI on Friday the 30th to hear what Dr. Fine has to say.

I realize I may have built this week up in people's minds, but this truly is an important time. Will we find out that Mom has a new lease on life, at least for a while? Will we hear that the Avastin has done nothing to stop her tumor growth, and that new tumors have formed? Will we need to accelerate certain grim plans and paperwork, or will we discover that we have some room to breathe? While I doubt the Friday consultation will answer all our questions (it may, in fact, add more to the pile), our family considers that meeting to be pivotal. Keep those fingers crossed.



Maven said...

As always will be keeping your family in my thoughts, especially this week, and hoping with you, for some breathing room/new lease.

And in the interim, I'm wishing for peace.

Charles said...

Fingers crossed, hands folded