Tuesday, October 7, 2008

a better bumper sticker

Dad told me that my Kevin's Walk logo is fine, but it doesn't work as a bumper sticker: when you try to read it from afar, there's too much white, and because the letters aren't solid, they disappear or go mushy thanks to the brain's natural tendency to produce something like the dithering effect.

Solution: in the spirit of the presidential campaign, I've chosen to change the design to a white-on-dark-blue configuration, with a little red thrown in to keep with the original "red, white, and blue" concept.


The design might still receive one or two tweaks, but it's just about ready to go, and the new bumper sticker will replace the old one. I won't be changing the design for my mugs (check a mug out here), but will be reworking the shirts to take my parents' critiques into consideration. Unlike mugs, shirts sometimes do get glanced at from afar-- especially if they're nicely filled.



Anonymous said...

"Interreligious peace"? Ah, was that the slogan? I thought it was "interreligious dialogue," or something along those lines.

Anonymous said...

I like it altogether better than the original. Dialogue and peace both work for me.