Thursday, August 27, 2009

belch humor

Mom walked at least a quarter of a mile at Fort Hunt Park today; I took her out there while Dad went off to do some errands. Lately, she seems weaker than usual when it comes to getting in and out of cars, but today she was fine with the walking, despite needing some help to get out of the small Honda and onto her feet. As has become my custom, I gave Mom a hug as a reward for getting to her feet. She thinks it's silly, but I do it anyway, and she accepts my gesture with good grace.

The day was beautiful, and the late afternoon also turned out to be the perfect time for our walk, as we were able to cross rather a long distance protected by the shade of the trees that loomed over us.

Before we got back into the car, I asked Mom, "How about we drive up the parkway a bit, get some drinks, and then drive back?" Mom assented, so we drove up the parkway until we reached the exit where the gas station is. I turned onto that road and stopped at the little mini-mart, a humble place currently managed by a friendly Latino gentleman who took the place over from an Asian gentleman. I grabbed some drinks while Mom waited outside in the car. I had left the car idling so that Mom could benefit from the air conditioning; when I handed Mom her drink, I joked, "I'm surprised you didn't drive off without me!" Mom laughed.

With drinks in hand, we turned around and got back onto the parkway, heading south toward Mount Vernon again-- the way home. I guzzled my huge can of Arizona Fruit Punch and let out a mighty belch, then turned to Mom with a startled look on my face and demanded, "Did you do that?"

Mom hadn't been all that verbal throughout the day, but she still shook her head "no" in response.

"So who did that?" I asked imperiously.

"Must have been you," Mom said. Getting Mom to say anything when she's not too verbal is a moral victory.

"Ah," I nodded sagely. "Guess I'm just a burpin' fool!"

Mom chortled. It was the happiest sound I'd heard all day.


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melancholy donut said...

though ive never met you im sure your belches can be something to behold.

cute story. your belching moved your mom to speak!

stay strong kevin