Monday, August 24, 2009


In the next few minutes, an assistant for Dr. Royfe is going to drop by to give Mom something personal. We're also supposed to have a visit from the new president of the WKWS (Washington Korean Women's Society-- of which Mom was the president twice) today at 2:30PM. Tomorrow at 6:30PM, two or three more Korean visitors will be coming by. Sometime Wednesday afternoon, a member of the renovation team (though not Mr. Jeong-- the big boss-- himself) will be tooling over to take a look at the leakage problem.

That's all I know about for this week. On the personal front, I'll be mowing the back yard tomorrow morning, and the front yard the following day. The weeds grow fast when there's been a great deal of rain.

Mom's still not up. She's awake, but is in no hurry to leave the bed, perhaps cognizant of the fact that she doesn't have to head over to the hospital today. Here's hoping she'll be ready in time for her visitors... but if she isn't, I know they'll either await her convenience or truncate their stay.


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