Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Mom's still fairly quiet today, but she did fine during her walk in the park. Dad and I took her to Fort Hunt Park after Mr. Go, the Korean siding specialist from Mr. Jeong's renovation/construction team, had finished his work (in theory, the sliding door problem has been fixed).

Mom managed to walk a few hundred yards with no real problem, though she did seem weaker than usual when getting into and out of the minivan. It was another beautiful day; the park was quiet. Dad mentioned that he liked the park when it was that way, and I agreed: the place is great when it's tranquil. Both of us held Mom's hands as we took her across grass and over asphalt, always following the tree shade to keep Mom cool. We looked around as we walked, enjoying the ambience. Then, without any ceremony, we drove back home.


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