Saturday, August 29, 2009

liveblogging the news

ABC World News is about to air a segment all about Ted Kennedy's cancer. Finally. Alas, the segment probably won't be that long; it might be advisable for people to visit to see the segment again and to find out more; news websites sometimes provide reference links. Meanwhile, I'll be curious to find out what gets said about GBM, and what gets glossed over.

UPDATE: The segment had a hopeful tone, noting improvements in brain cancer therapy and specifying new chemical and surgical treatments. I was especially interested in the fiber optic surgery; we'll talk to Dr. Fine about that on September 16. If the technique is minimally invasive, it might be worth considering. If it's overly invasive, however, it probably won't be an option for Mom. She already has one bone flap missing from her skull; she doesn't need more skull taken away. In the meantime, Avastin therapy is looking most plausible.


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