Monday, December 7, 2009

arrived, settled, dinnered

The drive to New York went well; traffic didn't get bad until right before the Lincoln Tunnel, which kicked our butt with an $8 toll. David did an expert job of navigating his way through Manhattan to our lodgings, which are known as The NewYork Presbyterian Guest Facility at the Helmsley Medical Tower. (Yes: Helmsley = Leona. That Helmsley. I hope that's not a bad omen.)

Mom held up well during the trip. She's been totally nonverbal, but has seemed more or less awake and aware. Dinner turned out to be huge; New Yorkers don't skimp on their portions.

The plan is to relax here for the night, check out in the morning, and drive home sometime after. Once we're done with the docs, we're going to try meeting up with our friend Renée, but a lot depends on how long the session runs. We've been warned that it might go at least two hours, which doesn't sound like a simple consult to me. But a two-hour appointment makes sense: Mom is going to be evaluated to see whether she's a proper candidate for the intra-arterial Avastin delivery procedure, so she may have to go through a few tests.

It's cold in the city, but that's no different from how it's been in northern Virginia. More later.


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Elisson said...

The only good thing about that Lincoln Tunnel toll is that it's one-way: You won't have to pay it when you head back to NorVa.

My best wishes for your Mom. I hope she gets into that trial... and more important, that it helps her.