Wednesday, December 9, 2009

awake at 4:50PM

Mom was stirring around 3PM today, having taken a long rest after her ordeal over the past two days. Ever since April, Mom has been sensitive to shifts in her world: new people, new places, new activities outside of her comfortable routine-- these things all throw her off and tire her out.

When she officially woke up at 4:50PM, she had warm hands-- always a good sign. I saw Mom when she was seated upright on the edge of her bed. She dutifully wrapped her arms around Dad's neck so he could help her stand up from the bedside. Dad says he treasures that embrace.

Mom's supposed to have a visitor this evening at dinnertime: Mrs. Burns is coming over at 7PM. I hope she likes choucroute alsacienne!

UPDATE: I just heard terrible news from Dad: Mrs. Burns's mother-in-law just passed away. There's still a chance that Mrs. Burns might come over tonight, but as Dad said, we'd understand if she chose to focus on her own family in this time of loss. Our sympathies and condolences go out to the Burns family.


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