Thursday, December 10, 2009

busy weekend, busy week, busy Christmas

Tomorrow, Mom's got an appointment with Dr. Benson, her neurologist. On Saturday (the 12th), Mom's big sis is arriving from Texas, and about 30 minutes after my aunt arrives, Mom is going for a manicure. The following day, Sunday the 13th, Mom has her big makeover, just in time for the Washington Korean Women's Society Christmas party later that same day.

My aunt will be staying with us until the 15th; after that, we have a day to prep for our trip back up to NYC on the 17th. Mom's surgery will take place on the 18th, and assuming all goes well, we'll be driving back down to Virginia on the 19th.

That doesn't give us much time for Christmas prep, none of which has been done-- no tree, no cards, no cookies, nada. It'd be nice to do something memorable for Mom, something not slapdash and last-minute in nature, but finding the time and energy is going to be difficult.

The very next day after Christmas, we've got other relatives from Texas coming over; they'll be staying in northern Virginia a few days, I think. As a result, Christmas Day might end up being "Prep the House Day" as well. Heh.


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