Monday, December 7, 2009

unexpected encounter with the ineffable

We ordered our dinner from the nearby Cafe Luka; their ad was inside the hotel room, and they were offering a 15% discount on all food deliveries. I mentioned in my previous post that the cafe didn't skimp on its portions, but at the time I wrote that entry, I hadn't eaten my dessert: I was too stuffed.

A couple hours later, however, I pulled my dessert out of the fridge (our room has a kitchenette): a thick slice of chocolate mousse cake. Hot damn, that was one of the best pieces of cake I've ever eaten-- silky, smooth, celestial (see how good it was? I invoked both heaven and hell in a single sentence). The cake is way too rich to eat again right away, but if you're ever in Manhattan and looking for a good dessert, I'd highly recommend the chocolate mousse cake from Cafe Luka. It's what myths are made of.


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