Thursday, December 10, 2009

possible static from NCI

We are, finally, hearing something from NCI regarding our new plan to take Mom to New York for treatment. As we expected, Dr. Fine's office has reservations about having Mom treated this way; they say they're worried about the necessity to open the blood-brain barrier, and about other possible problems. Personally, I think NCI is getting back to us way too late for there to be any meaningful discussion. In any case, Dad relayed NCI's reservations to Dr. Boockvar's office, and Dr. Boockvar himself responded in writing to assure us (and, perhaps, the NCI team) that the blood-brain barrier issue isn't a problem.

Whom to believe when you're in such a position and you aren't a cancer expert yourself? For me, it boils down to two questions:

1. If we allow Mom to undergo treatment X, are we killing her?
2. If we pass Treatment X up, can we say that we've done everything possible for her?

When these two questions are juxtaposed, all the other, more detailed, ethical questions arise from them. But upon these questions hang all the law and the prophets, if you will.


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