Thursday, June 11, 2009

dinner and Mom-related remarks

Many thanks to the Quiggs, good friends of the family, for giving us those wonderful Olive Garden gift cards. We went out and had ourselves a free dinner this evening (well, Dad and David did leave a tip!), and plan to return to the restaurant-- which isn't far away from Fairfax Hospital-- a few more times. Olive Garden has proved to be a reliable chain: the food is good and plentiful without being too pricey, and the menu offers a wide selection of Italian-themed dishes.

Dad and David confirmed that Mom was reactive when they saw her, though they didn't get to see her using her right arm, as I had. This movement is important, because Mom's right-side limbs have been quite weak since before the third surgery.

Mom's fingernails on her left hand were once again a bit dirty; she's obviously been scratching somewhere, and I suspect the target, this time around, has been her bandaged thigh, which is now missing some skin thanks to the skin graft procedure. I feel for Mom: it can't be comfortable to be in bed all day, covered in so many bandages and hooked up to all manner of tubes.

We'll be back to see Mom again in the morning, bright and early this time around.


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