Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mom's back in the recovery room

As of 11AM or thereabouts, Mom has been placed back in the recovery room. Dr. Mirali met us in the waiting room and told us that the surgery went well. Mom's got a special dressing on the back of her thigh, from which skin was taken for the graft. She's got another special "suction" dressing covering the lower back part of her head, where the graft is. I imagine that her entire head has been re-bandaged, Q-tip style.

We're awaiting word as to when Mom will be transferred back to the ICU. Pastor Kim stayed with us from early this morning through Dr. Mirali's spiel.

Here's hoping that Mom can now take what time she needs to recover, that her skin wasn't irradiated enough to prevent proper healing, and that she doesn't get any more infections.


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