Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mom in surgery again

Mom was wheeled into pre-op promptly at 6:30AM. She went right into the same isolation room she'd had yesterday. Dad and I followed her from ICU to pre-op and hung out with her.

Pastor Kim dropped by not long after. At 8:10AM, Mom was wheeled off to surgery; Sean arrived just in time to kiss Mom goodbye. Dad, Sean, Pastor Kim, and I then adjourned to the surgery waiting area.

Pastor Kim offered to buy the family breakfast; Dad, David, and Sean went with him, back to the Silver Diner. I'm holding the fort here in the waiting area: the desk clerks gave us one of those ashtray-shaped pagers that beeps and vibrates loudly-- like the pagers used in popular family restaurants. I doubt I'll be summoned to the front desk anytime soon, but one never knows, so I elected to stay behind. My ulterior motive is to catch some Zs: I had only about 4 hours' sleep, and it's been this way for a while.

Stay tuned. In a few hours, we'll have more news about Mom.


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