Friday, June 12, 2009

"Oh, my goodness!"

Mom's awake and at least as active as when she had been brought back in on June 2. I fed her most of her lunch, and because I had to step out to answer some Medicare questions, a nurse came in and fed Mom some apple sauce.

Patricia Weldon (a nurse, and the daughter of one of Mom's Korean friends) stopped by and offered to buy me a drink and get something for Mom. We settled on ice cream. When Patricia brought it in, Mom exclaimed, "Oh, my goodness!" twice in a clear voice. She still doesn't speak in sentences, and often ignores or otherwise fails to respond to yes/no questions, but she's obviously improved since yesterday.

Mom's got an itchy nose, and she's tried to use both hands to scratch it. The fact that her right arm is moving is heartening, but she still doesn't move the fingers of her right hand.

The nurse told Sean and Dad that Mom is likely to be moved out of the ICU today. We don't know when.

And that's it for the moment. Dad and Sean saw Mom first; I got to the ICU around 12:45 and fed Mom her lunch. David will be by later today.


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