Friday, June 12, 2009


Mom is being moved out of ICU to the third floor non-intensive section. I should also note that the nurses say it's now fine for Mom to eat non-hospital food. As always, MRSA protocol applies, and visiting hours are until 8PM.

I think Mom likes the change of scenery when different people come to see her; she's more awake and reactive than she has been for days, and seems to work harder at moving and speaking when non-family members are around. With her family, she's quieter, perhaps feeling less need to be verbal with us.

My feeling is that, if the presence of visitors obliges Mom to adopt her "public" persona for their benefit, then she should see a bunch of visitors. As always, please check with Dad or me 24 hours in advance, especially if you're planning to bring food. I'd also recommend that you not bring too much food, as this causes storage problems. Please bring only enough for one meal-- one serving only.

Checking with us in advance and telling us whether you plan to bring food will allow us to coordinate among visitors, so that five people don't show up at the same time with food. Please try to keep the saltiness level down. (This hasn't been a problem, but it is an FYI.)

Once food enters Mom's room, it is considered contaminated and can't come back out. That's another reason not to bring too much food: it can be easily wasted through a simple violation of the MRSA protocol.


UPDATE: Mom's now in Room 354-2.

UPDATE 2, 6:38PM: Mom has shown a bit more movement in her right hand. Twice, she laced her fingers together in a single smooth motion. Just five minutes ago, she appeared to be in some pain. We requested some meds. As of 6:41, no one has shown up.



Becky said...

This is great news! Glad to see your mom is progressing positively.

If I were over there I'd come visit...even though it might take some explaining as to who the heck I am! :)

I hope your mom knows how many people across the country are rooting and praying for her.


Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

I, too, am pleased that your mom is doing better.

As for us here in Seoul, you'll perhaps be happy to hear that we took a bike trip today along a tributary to the Han River, and En-Uk adjusted to riding a bicycle again after an indeterminate period in which he opposed riding bikes at all.

Now, he again likes riding . . .

Jeffery Hodges

* * *