Saturday, June 13, 2009

questions and notes

We arrived at 10AM, the beginning of visiting hours, but the nurse told us she's bathing Mom, so we're down the hall and waiting for the ablutions to end. Meanwhile, here are some notes I took yesterday as part of a family discussion. We have these discussions constantly, mainly as a way to figure out how far we've come and where we have yet to go. I'm leaving the notes here for you to read, but also for our own benefit.

1. Docs: please guide us through the specific chronology of the tumor's and/or infection's spread. Specifically, what crossed from one hemisphere to the other? Tumor? Infection? Both? What caused the swelling? Was it an edema? Was it the infection?

2. Get head dressings from the plastic surgeon for Mom. Ask where available.

3. Where is the drain bulb draining from? Brain? Scalp? Both?

4. General question: what happens next for Mom's care?

5. Docs: how soon do you all expect to meet re: resumption of therapy?

6. How soon will the plastic surgeon know that the scalp skin is actually healing, and isn't too irradiated?

7. To Dr. Yoho: is it possible to have a reaction to Zyvox similar to vanco? (Possible red man syndrome-type effects?)

8. Mom's hygiene: what's the most hygienic home care possible? (Hospital standard of care)

MRI = one week to 10 days from June 10 operation.

In four weeks = radio & chemotherapy

June 13 = plastic surgeon changes dressings

Zyvox treatment = 2X/day; no more dapto

Get bedside commode

Shower chair! (Commode converts to chair?)

Anti-slip surface for shower


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