Monday, July 20, 2009

...and we're back

We've returned from our trip to the Fairfax MRI Center. We won't know anything until tomorrow morning or afternoon. Strangely enough, Mom seemed more animated and talkative when she exited the MRI (Dad says she also moved around a lot during the imaging process).

Mom just enjoyed a McDonald's hot fudge sundae provided by my brother David, who fed us all (thanks, big boy), and now Dad is working on administering Mom's daptomycin through her PICC line while David looks on and I type this entry. Here's hoping Mom sleeps well tonight.


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Maven said...

If you need anything, from afar, please let me know. I wish I could make this all go away for your family.

Additionally, I caught a documentary on Netflix regarding Ram Dass, entitled "Fierce Grace." I highly recommend it. At parts it's kind of goofy, but in parts VERY POIGNANT.

You and I are a bit young to have first-hand knowledge of Ram Dass as we were tykes during that era (psychedelic 60s/70s); however, I do think there is some merit in this documentary.

I've watched it once; cried in parts. Felt compelled after to listen to my CD of Krishna Das chanting (which I also got emotional to). I still have a ways to go with accepting my family's situation.

The Ram Dass documentary... the thing in particular which I think I will find useful (regarding the randomness of it all, dealing with the health crisis my dad went through), is the letter he wrote the parents of a teenaged girl who was killed. And this is in addition to the inner peace Ram Dass (claims) to possess since suffering a stroke which has left him partially paralyzed.

I look forward to your thoughts on this documentary, should you have access to it.

As always, hoping for the best for your family.