Tuesday, July 21, 2009

crowded schedule

By 12:30 today, Mom had already had three visits: (1) her home care nurse, (2) her occupational therapist (who won't be back until early fall), and (3) two Korean Jehovah's Witnesses, who greeted Dad while I was downstairs. Dad initially thought that one of the men-- they both spoke mostly in Korean-- might have been the mysterious Pastor Kim (who was supposed to visit yesterday, but who never showed up). It was only when Dad saw the literature they tried to give Mom that he realized these guys were JWs.

We're about to head for the hospital, so I'll leave off here. For those who have been reading this blog since April 16, but haven't been curious about anything I've written before that time, here is a post I wrote on April 2, two weeks before we found out about Mom's cancer, regarding an encounter I had with a pair of Mormons at my door.


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