Monday, July 20, 2009

a visit and a trip

Dad's got an appointment today, so I'll once again be driving Mom out to the hospital for her radiotherapy. Before we go, however, a Korean pastor whom we don't know is supposed to visit us at noon. Dad won't be here for that; it'll be just Mom and me at home (unless Sean drops by, as he often does). The pastor is coming at noon, which is an awkward time, since Mom usually needs that time to get ready for her 1PM departure. Dad has tried to help Mom get ready in advance, though, so we ought to be all right.

On a different note: Thanks again to all the good folks who gave us food over the past few days. Our fridges are chock-full.

UPDATE, 12:31PM: I'm a bit worried. This pastor still hasn't shown up, and we have to leave at 1PM. I wonder whether he's aware that Mom has an appointment at the hospital. Maybe he's busy; most of the clergy I know are often hard to meet up with because they have to be available to everyone in their flock. It could also be that he's lost: a lot of people have trouble finding our house, even though it's just off Route 1.


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