Thursday, July 23, 2009


We left the hospital at 10:15PM and got home a bit before 11. Driving was slow, thanks to the thunderstorm, but the sky was entertaining: huge sectors of it lit up, flash after flash, at a rate of at least 1-2 bolts per second. It was like driving through the great, flaring brain of a planet-sized angel.

Mom is in bed now, her new PICC line in place. The daptomycin procedure went fine, so we know the PICC line works. Tonight, we'll try to get some rest. Our apologies to the people who left messages on our answering machine, but we won't be contacting anyone until sometime tomorrow; we've all been on the go since 10:30 last night, and we're too pooped to stay up and talk.

Cancer or not, life with Mom has never been boring.


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