Sunday, July 19, 2009

bump in the road

Dad and Mom came home about an hour earlier than expected. Not long after they got home, however, Mom vomited. Somewhat alarmed by the gray color of the vomit, I asked Dad what it might have been, and he said it was probably the soba (gray buckwheat noodles) she'd eaten while at the beach.

Dad and I had noticed a marked improvement in Mom's appetite over the past week, but we're now thinking that Mom might no longer be in touch with her appetite-- the reason she's eating so much is that she may no longer have a clear idea when to stop. If so, that's both good news and bad news. It's good news inasmuch as it means that Mom's episode today might be a simple reaction to eating too much too fast. It's also bad news, however, because we may be looking at a new neurological symptom.

We're planning to speak with both Mom's neurologist and her infectious disease specialist this week. If we can, we hope to set up appointments with them.

Dad notes that Mom was nonverbal while out in Maryland. She's tucked away in bed now-- Dad just took care of her PICC line antibiotic treatment-- and maybe that's for the best.


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