Wednesday, July 22, 2009


The French word déception means "disappointment," not "deception."* Today's disappointment arose from not seeing Dr. Tonnesen, the radiation oncologist, even though he had said he wanted to speak with us "on Wednesday." As it turned out, he wasn't even in the radiation oncology department. We suspect the good doctor may have meant "Thursday" when he said "Wednesday," since Thursday is when he's usually in his office at the hospital (like many of Mom's doctors, Dr. Tonnesen shuttles among several different offices). But we don't know that for sure. Maybe he did mean "Wednesday."

If I'm not mistaken, Dad's been told that we'll see the doctor tomorrow. I admit I'm a bit stressed and annoyed by this delay, but I'm hoping that the enforced wait will be worth it, and that we'll know a lot more tomorrow. Dad says we'll also be picking up our copy of the MRI files tomorrow afternoon. Good.

Despite being stood up, though, we did end up spending time with another staffer: a friendly social worker named Corinne. We talked with her about several things, including some of the practical issues related to Mom's care, such as the eventual need for a way to lift Mom bodily into and out of the minivan. She told us to stick with the advice we'd gotten from the occupational therapist.

Corinne also asked us about how we were all doing, emotionally speaking, and what sort of support systems we had in place, so we told her about the support we get from each other, from our church, from Mom's Korean friends and associates, and from other friends and ex-coworkers. We also talked a bit about spirituality, which led to a discussion of Buddhism and Catholicism. I ended up saying too much on the subject, I think. In any event, it was a pleasure meeting Corinne today. Meanwhile, here's hoping we do get to see Dr. Tonnesen tomorrow.

ADDENDUM: Pastor Jeri dropped by, but Mom and Dad were both napping, so the pastor and I talked for almost an hour (here, too, I think I talked her ear off). This reminds me: I need to work on my hospitality. Poor Pastor Jeri didn't even receive a glass of water from me today.

*The French word for "deception" is tromperie, from the verb tromper, to fool, dupe, or deceive.


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