Sunday, September 13, 2009

a day in progress

Today, Mom got up around 11AM or so, and left with Dad for Fairfax Hospital some time after noon to get more blood work done-- this time for her primary care physician, Dr. Royfe, who wants to monitor her blood sugar levels. We wanted to use the results from Friday's trip for Dr. Royfe, but NCI said we would have had to put the order in well beforehand, thus necessitating today's trip to the hospital.

While Dad and Mom were gone, I mowed the front lawn, and have spent a large part of the day hand-washing a pile of blankets and pillows, mostly from my room-- laundry that hasn't been done in months. The word we got from the washing machine repairman was that we shouldn't put blankets and pillows into our washer, however "heavy duty" it might be. Taking these things to the laundromat gets expensive, though, and since I don't mind acting as a human agitator, I filled up some giant plastic tubs and churned away like an enormous, bald Cinderella.

David came over; he, Dad, and Mom took a stroll around the back yard and talked with our next-door neighbor, who hasn't seen Mom since all this started.

We're about to sit down to some chili dogs and Korean food. More later.


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