Friday, September 18, 2009

Mom's first Avastin infusion

Kudos to Dad for his doggedness in tracking down the exact date and time for Mom's first Avastin infusion: this coming Thursday at 1:30PM. From now on, infusions will be at two-week increments, and always on Thursday.

Mom is supposed to meet back with Dr. Fine in six weeks, but Dad and I are unclear on whether "six weeks" means "three infusions" or "four infusions." If Mom's first infusion is counted as Week 0, i.e., the day we start the six-week timer ticking, then Week 2 will be the second infusion, Week 4 will be the third infusion, and Week 6 will be the fourth infusion. If, on the other hand, "six weeks" simply means "six weeks," then Mom will have had either three or four infusions by the time we meet with Dr. Fine again. We've left a message with Dr. Fine's office asking for clarification.


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