Monday, September 14, 2009

my brother David turns 33

A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to my brother David, who turns 33 today.

David works two jobs, often going nonstop seven days a week. In his spare time-- when he has any-- he either comes to visit us, or he goes mountain biking. David's the go-to guy for most tech-related questions in the house. He combines a love of nauseatingly saccharine cuteness with a love of the gross and vile, often emailing me hilarious pictures of demented abominations (far more bizarre than this).

David's also been a steady, level-headed help with Mom, and he's often the one who, when Dad and I fail to elicit reactions, can make Mom say and do goofily humorous things. The world's a brighter place thanks to David.

And now, a haiku:

turning thirty-three
David pauses, ponders life
then goes back to sleep

Finally, a video I'm sure David will appreciate:

Purple and Brown: Bubble Gum


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Workin' on catchin' up tew yohur 40 ehn the coming weeks... will see ehf I cahn make eht there by December!