Saturday, September 19, 2009

gorgeous day

It's a fabulous day outside. Too bad Mom's still sleeping as I write this; now I know how she felt whenever I, as a younger man, would sleep in. "Sleeping your life away!" she'd snarl.

Of course, I don't view Mom's somnolence in quite the same light. I rue the fact that she's missing some fantastic weather, but I don't view her as wasting time or life. She's doing exactly what she needs to do to get through the day. If she wants to sleep, then let her sleep, I say. Your head is the vessel for most of your burdens; it's where you hold up the world. Add three tumors to what's already in your head, and you're shouldering more of a burden than Atlas ever did.

So maybe we should look at the situation in a more positive way: today, the earth shows its beneficence, and Mom can sleep peacefully under the aegis of a smiling sky.

UPDATE, 1:35PM: No sooner do I write all this when Mom wakes up. We'll be heading out to the KORUS festival once Mom is prepped and ready.


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