Sunday, September 13, 2009

quick Saturday report

It's no longer Saturday, but I thought I'd provide a quick Saturday update.

Mom woke up very late. According to Dad, she wasn't out of bed until around 3PM. This is because she had insisted on staying awake all day on Friday-- a day that started at 5AM for all of us. I took a two-hour afternoon nap that day; Mom somehow managed to remain awake until her normal bedtime of 11PM. I still don't know how she did it.

Dad and I now suspect that Mom's disconcerting weakness on Friday night was the result of her lack of sleep. She simply had no strength left: she was exhausted. It's little surprise, then, that she remained in bed until 3PM on Saturday.

Dad went out shopping, and I mowed the weeds in our back yard. The weather was fantastically cool, which made mowing a pleasure. I didn't appreciate the presence of the neighbor's dogs, though; the two ladies who live in the house behind us-- their yard abuts ours-- own two huge, noisy, and decidedly unfriendly dogs. One of the animals routinely tries to climb the fence to get at me, barking insanely whenever she sees me. I'm tempted to feed both dogs Ritalin, but am not eager to have a talk con la policía: I'd have to steal the Ritalin first, you see, having none of my own.

Tonight, because Mom had gotten up and eaten lunch so late, I fed her a small, late dinner (I'd given Dad instructions on what to feed Mom for lunch while I did the mowing), then entreated her to try Sean's "stand up five times" exercise. She performed all five knee bends, cheating slightly by using her hands to tug on mine. But unlike the previous night, she actually had some strength in her legs. That was a good sign. We'll see how Sunday goes. Me, I've got the front yard to mow.


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