Thursday, September 17, 2009

muchas Jerry Garcias

Many thanks to Pastor Jeri for her visits both yesterday and today; thanks, as well, to the entire Wednesday Night Live group at church for gathering up some scrumptious food and sending it our way through Jeri. I ate some of the salmon today; it was perfectly cooked, and was a great center for the salmon-and-dill sandwich I made using some of the rolls we received as part of the church's care package.

Pastor Kim came by a couple days ago, and I never thanked him for his visit. Also, a big thank-you to Mr. Jeong sajang-nim for dropping by the same day as Pastor Kim and repairing the kitchen drawers and doors that needed fixing. Mr. Jeong saw the wheelchair ramp outside and made a face-- not because of the workmanship, which he seemed to admire, but because, as he put it to me in Korean, "If you needed something like this done, you should've called me! I've got time to do this sort of thing!"

"Would you have done it for free?" I asked.

"Of course!" he replied. And then he said in a chastising tone, "If you ever have a problem in the future, call me." I'm pretty sure he meant a Mom-related problem, but I was sorely tempted to ask him to refurbish our attic. Heh.

As always, people keep proving that kindness abounds.


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