Wednesday, November 18, 2009

awake, but not ready to face the world

As of 11:15AM, when I checked on her, Mom was awake. As normally happens, however, she wasn't ready to get up. The process is laborious for her; simply moving from a horizontal to a vertical position can make her dizzy, and the cocktail of meds in her system doesn't help matters.

Dad's away at his meeting with the Ulta staff; he thinks he'll be back around 2PM. Today will be one of those rare days when I will be responsible for Mom's waking/rising process, which takes her from her bed to the bathroom to the living room couch (or the kitchen bar).

I still wear a mask around Mom. Yesterday's flirtation with the reacquisition of my senses of smell and taste appears to have been a temporary thing: I'm back to living in a world without scent or savor. All the more reason to wear the mask, since I don't know for sure what's got me in this condition. I'll also be working in close proximity to Mom today, so it'll be essential to protect her from any stray microorganisms.

11:45: I just checked Mom again. Same deal: she's awake, but not ready to leave her bed quite yet. I'll check her once more in half an hour.

UPDATE, 12:50: Mom's ready to get up (she's on her back and staring at the ceiling), but Dad just got home, so I guess he'll be taking care of Mom.



emmy said...

Kevin, I've been following your story since before you stopped for weather in Washington. I have been following in your journey with you Mom and family and am quite humbled by your dedication. I had to write you because of concern over your current state of health. I remember reading entry about Afrin nasal spray and now with your continuing health saga, wanted to tell you that it is possible to become "dependent" on the Afrin. I have known two people that that actually became the case after a very short time. Both instances had to be treated with a steriod to correct the problem. You may want to check into it. Sorry, just my motherly instinct kicking in...I'll butt out now! Take Care!

Kevin Kim said...

Thanks for reading, Emmy. No worries re: Afrin dependency. I've seen and heard the warnings about using it for more than three days (it's right on the bottle, too!). I hope the blog hasn't given you the impression that I've been using Afrin daily; I haven't. Since my dad bought me the Afrin over a week ago, I think I've used the spray only three times. Hasn't worked once, so I've stopped.