Wednesday, November 18, 2009

what the morrow holds in store

Dad's supposed to visit a place called Ulta, a chain store that deals in cosmetics, makeovers, and the like. This is toward the fulfillment of a promise made to our family by Tony Barnett and his wife. Mr. Barnett is a Home Depot manager who was involved in the construction of our wheelchair ramp. His wife works for Ulta, and after having heard about our situation, she promised Mom a free makeover session. Dad will be driving out to confirm the particulars, which will also involve getting Mom an appropriate wig to help her feel more human.

The Ulta errand happens at noon. Later in the day, we're to receive a visit from Pastor Kim, who has graciously found time in his busy and ever-changing schedule for Mom this week.

And that's all we've got on the calendar for tomorrow. Ah, yes-- we do need to get Mom a-walkin' in the park.


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