Sunday, November 15, 2009

how the day will go

My buddy Mike will be driving up to northern Virginia with his kids after they eat some lunch. He's going to swing by and pick me up so that we can head over to see his parents. I'm not sure whether Mom will be awake by the time we get back from Mike's parents' place, but if she is, then Mike and company will likely stop for a short while to say hi to Mom. Whether she's in any condition to receive visitors is an interesting question; based on how unreactive she was yesterday, I have my doubts.

In any case, once I'm back home, it's likely I'll step out and do some of the leaf collection that I hadn't done early last week. That might take a couple hours, and will carry me over to dinnertime. So I'll finish up the day by prepping dinner, cleaning up afterward, doing some of the usual blogging and emailing, and helping with any other chores, such as floor cleaning and laundry.

Not much of a plan, I realize, but there we are.


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