Friday, November 20, 2009

a short walk in the park

Many thanks to Pastor Jeri for stopping by. Her kindness and empathy are always appreciated. Thanks as well to my brother Sean for stopping by and staying a while. Mom brightened when she saw him, just as she did when she saw Pastor Jeri.

A few minutes after Sean and Pastor Jeri left, Dad left to go shopping, and I took Mom out to the park (all credit to Dad for getting Mom ready to travel). I took Mom outside to the deck, but the moment she tried to descend the first step, her legs buckled. Luckily, she didn't sit down hard this time. I was able to get Mom back onto her feet, walk her down the wheelchair ramp to the Honda Civic, and drive her to the park. My brother David had called as we were prepping to leave; he was planning to be at the house in a few minutes, so we asked him to meet Mom and me at Fort Hunt Park instead.

David was there when I arrived. He helped Mom out of the car, and we took her for a shortened stroll-- probably no more than 340 yards, but it was enough distance and time to give Mom a taste of the remains of this beautiful day. Mom was weak and her balance was shot, but she managed to struggle along. On a positive note, David and I saw that Mom was more awake and reactive while outside. A neighborhood cat came toward us early in our walk, obviously unafraid of strangers. David and I leaned over to scratch it when it got close enough; we didn't allow Mom to do the same (and we refrained from touching Mom with our fur-tainted hands), but she was tickled to see such a friendly feline.

David went home after the park walk; he had to work later in the evening, so he wanted time to take a nap. Before we parted, he gave us a four-berry pie that he had picked up while in Emmittsburg, PA earlier today. As a result of all the food we've received, I won't have to do much when I prep dinner-- and maybe a tiny dessert-- for Mom.


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