Monday, November 16, 2009

moment of humor

Mom was fast asleep until around 12:30; I've been checking on her since 11:15. She's awake now, but still not out of bed.

As Dad has noted, Mom's waking-up process entails several distinct steps. She spends the entire night on her side, but as she drifts toward wakefulness, she tends to roll onto her back. After that, Mom begins to bring different parts of her body out from under her blanket, a bit like a butterfly emerging from its chrysalid shell.

When I checked on Mom after she had awakened, I saw that she had regressed, pulling her bedsheet over her face like a shroud. I gingerly stepped into the bedroom and tapped her elbow. For about twenty seconds, there was no response, then Mom suddenly ripped the sheet down and stared at me with her eyes bugged out in a comical glower. I laughed. Mom laughed.

And then Mom closed her eyes and went back to napping, not quite ready to get out of bed.


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