Tuesday, November 17, 2009

info while we wait

Dr. Meister, whose timing is never good, called us just as we were leaving for Mom's 10:45AM appointment with Dr. Mirali. He seems to think that the results of Mom's blood work were good: the glucose level, while still elevated, was much lower than it had been.

Mom's blood count was also normal-- a result that Dad interpreted positively, but which made me wonder whether Mom had been peeing out the carboplatin. One of the disadvantages of carboplatin is its slow absorption rate into the body, which means there's a chance that it can come right back out despite the intravenous infusion.

Mom's slower this morning than she had been yesterday. Yesterday, she got out of bed rather late, but was occasionally verbal and generally alert. Today's slowness might be attributable to the fact that she had to get out of bed so early. Morning appointments tend to throw her rhythm out of whack.

Mom's with Dr. Mirali now, and I'm once again outside in the van, waiting for the parents' return. I suspect that the appointment won't last long; if the infectious disease specialist, Dr. Wheeler, already dismissed the lump as nothing to worry about--

--and just like that, Mom and Dad came back out as I was typing the above sentence. As I figured, the appointment didn't take long: Dr. Mirali says we need to do nothing more than watch the lump.

Righto. We're on our way home.


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