Saturday, November 21, 2009

seeing Mom with hair

Mom's getting used to her new wig, which is the typical dark brown or black color I normally associate with older Korean ajummas, most of whom do their best to hide any hint of gray hair.

Seeing Mom with a full head of hair is a strange experience. Her actual hair, which is gray, is poking out from beneath the wig in spots; this spoils the effect somewhat, but the overall impression is powerful enough to bring me back to before April 16, when Mom would have looked something like the way she looks tonight. The wig is a reminder of more normal, less troubled days.

I don't know what the wig might be doing for Mom's self-image, but I hope that it helps her on some level. Whatever makes Mom happy makes me happy. Hell, if she wants to wander around town in sparkling purple clown shoes and a fluorescent orange necktie, she's welcome to do so, and I'll stand proudly by her side.


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