Friday, December 18, 2009


Mom is free to go. Here's the news thus far:

Around 8:45AM, two docs came by: Dr. Young (who had met Dad yesterday) and Dr. Bagenstos, whom we remember from Mom's previous stay at Fairfax Hospital. The main finding from the MRI related to the bump. As it turns out, the bump is a tumor. Without any skull to constrain it, the cancer is now creeping outside of Mom's head.

I marveled that Dad and I could have missed the progress of an externally visible tumor, so I asked the docs whether it was conceivable that such a large growth could appear within mere days. Dr. Bagenstos said it was possible: Mom's cancer is especially aggressive.

As far as the docs are concerned, surgery at NYP/WC is the next step. "At this point what she needs is the [intra-arterial Avastin]treatment," Dr. Bagenstos said.

They left, and I continued to feed Mom her breakfast: a waffle, a strip of bacon, a small bowl of oatmeal, some cubed honeydew melon, juice, and some coffee. Around 9:20AM, the attending physician, Dr. Wolfe, came in and confirmed that Mom could leave anytime. He also confirmed the return of Mom's thrush, and said to just keep giving her fluconazole (anti-thrush med).

Other nurses have swooped in and out to see Mom, take her vitals, and administer her meds. Someone will have to change her diaper. Meanwhile, Dad is on his way over to help me with discharge paperwork and with prepping Mom for yet another wheelchair ride to the van.

So that's where we stand. Now we need to focus on getting Mom safely to New York. This may mean leaving today so as to beat the coming snow.


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