Friday, December 18, 2009

a quickie before we shove off

We're currently engaged in whirlwind preparations to drive off to New York before this snowstorm hits the east coast. The more we thought about it, the more sense it made to drive while the driving was still relatively safe. We're "wheels up" at 3PM; we anticipate that we'll arrive in New York as the first flakes are coming down, or maybe an hour or two before that. As long as we're safely parked, there shouldn't be a problem. Walking Mom across the street won't be a huge deal in Manhattan: I've heard that they're pretty good about taking care of their streets and sidewalks, so I'm hoping that pedestrian pathways will be clear on Monday.

We're going to pretend that we'll be snowbound for the next few days. In that spirit, I'm packing up a cooler of food, along with some utensils and pots and pans, so that I'll be able to cook in the unit's kitchenette. New York prices make us wary of spending too much on restaurant (or even cafeteria) food.

Dad's out right now, obtaining refills of some of Mom's meds. We're already mostly packed; the main thing, right now, is the food prep. We also need to gas up the car.

That's all I'm going to write for now. We need to get moving. I'll write more once we're ensconced in the Helmsley. Wish us luck.



Charles said...

I just heard about the storm from CNN. I hope you manage to beat it and arrive in New York before the snow hits!

Jelly said...

I do, Kevin. I wish you luck and a safe journey. I've been thinking of your family all the time, and trying to smother my worry with strong positive thoughts. It's good to know you're on your way now and I'll be hoping your mom's surgery goes well. I wonder if you'll all be home for Christmas. I hope the weather co-operates with whatever plans you make. ((Hugs))