Thursday, December 17, 2009

trip canceled for now

Fairfax Hospital hasn't told Dad when they plan to perform their MRI, so it appears that Dad will be waiting with Mom a while. We won't be able to make the 8:30PM MRI appointment. Sean is on his way over to the Fairfax ER (he may already be there). David's in DC, at his office, but is staying abreast of the situation. My buddy Mike has been calling and texting, as has Pastor Jeri.

NYP/WC called back to tell us that they will not accept Fairfax's MRI images, because for the purposes of the clinical trial, NYP/WC does its own special perfusion MRI (NCI also does this). This means that, whether or not Mom gets an MRI done in Virginia, she'll have to have a separate MRI done by NYP/WC the day before her operation.

While Dad is at the ER, waiting to find out when Mom's MRI will occur, I'm at home again-- having recovered my wallet-- waiting for a call from NYP/WC to reschedule Mom's perfusion MRI and surgery for next week. Dr. Boockvar won't be there next week, we were told, but his research partner, Dr. Riina, will be there. Dr. Riina is the one who generally performs this surgery, anyway, so Dr. Boockvar's absence changes nothing. Right now, the important thing is to reschedule Mom's operation for the soonest date possible-- Tuesday, if that's available (Monday would have to be the MRI).

So we're canceling the trip up to New York today. We'll need to call Mom's sister and let her know what's going on, since we promised her an update. Dad has to cancel the hotel reservation, and assuming Mom is to be discharged from the hospital today, I'll have to drive back there to pick her and Dad up.

What a day, eh? And it's not over: we still don't know what today's MRI will reveal. I feel bad for my brother David, who paid for a non-refundable plane ticket up to New York. Looks as though there's going to be an empty seat on tomorrow morning's flight.


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Brad Smith said...

I am sorry to hear about this. Everyone is in our prayers.