Monday, December 14, 2009

more will

Mom woke up late, sometime after noon, and shuffled out to the living room around 2PM with help from Dad. My aunt was waiting for her, as was another relative: the sister of my aunt Deok-hui (the latter being the wife of my uncle John). Sean was also home for a while; he talked with Mom while she was in the bathroom; he later told me that she spoke: he had mentioned his dog Maqz, and she had asked whether he had brought the dog with him.

So Mom might still be riding the wave from yesterday's high. Although her "cone of awareness" remains narrow (it takes a lot to get her attention if you're not in her line of sight), in other ways she seems slightly more engaged in what's going on around her.

I made budae-jjigae for dinner; my aunt loved it the last time she had it, and I'd wanted to make it for her again. Mom had fallen asleep at the couch later in the afternoon, and didn't reawaken until around 8PM; my aunt chose not to eat until her sister had gotten up and taken some Decadron.

Just as she had done at lunch, my aunt fed Mom her soup. I should note, too, that my aunt told me that Mom took over the chore of feeding herself at lunch. I don't know whether she managed the same feat at dinner, but even if she didn't, it's still wonderful to see at least a partial return of Mom's will.

Lastly: our thanks to Pastor Jeri, who dropped by with cookies made by Ann Stover. Rest assured that they'll disappear quickly.


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