Saturday, December 19, 2009

hooray for small victories

We suffered some major setbacks, but still managed to get to Manhattan well ahead of the snow. We're all very tired right now, so you can expect a fuller update in the morning. For the moment, the greatest moral victory is that I was able to get my Mac set up with the Helmsley Tower's DSL connection. This connection happens automatically with a Windows machine like my laptop, but the Mac requires special help with configuration. Luckily, a quick tutorial and run-through with the Mac's version of a "connection wizard" solved that problem, which is why I'm able to write this blog entry on a computer and not on my BlackBerry.

More later. Mom's sound asleep. Dad's got an achy back. I ended up driving in the city-- which I hadn't wanted to do, and am still thrumming-- not in a good way-- from the experience. But the main thing is: we made it. Mom's MRI is Monday at 12:30, and we got the great news that her operation will happen on Tuesday (hour yet to be determined). Weather permitting, we'll be driving home on Wednesday.


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melancholy donut said...

glad to hear yall made it safe and sound to nyc. good luck to your mom.

stay warm and dry in the meantime.