Wednesday, December 23, 2009

awake: morning notes

We're awake, but the ICU prefers not to have visitors between 8AM and noon because of doctors' rounds, so we're hanging here at the guest facility. Correction: three of us are hanging here. Sean went out to buy some more clothing; he had originally intended to be here one day to support Mom during her much-hoped-for operation. That hasn't happened, yet we all find ourselves still in New York. Sean was also cold last night, so he's looking to find clothing to keep him warm while he sleeps. I've had no problem in that department: I sleep on the floor, on a thin foam pad under my sleeping bag-- the same one I was using during my trans-American walk-- and that keeps me plenty warm.

Once we go over to see Mom, we'll have more to say. As far as I know, there were no phone calls during the night. Perhaps that means there was no significant change in Mom's status.

While doing some desultory online searching last night, I found a French-language song, "Je t'aime, Maman" ("I love you, Mom") that pretty much captures the feeling a child has for his or her mother. Except for a gender-specific line or two (the song was written by a woman), I found that the lyrics resonated in me. See here, if you read French. Perhaps I'll translate the lyrics at some point if people want a translation.


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Renée said...

We have extra blankets & pillows if you need. Can bring them over in a jiffy. Or anything else. Let us know.