Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas bleg

For those who don't know the slang: blog + beg(ging) = bleg(ging). A "bleg" is a blogged request for something free-- something normally rented or bought.

This particular bleg comes very late, but that's because, in the midst of our Sturm und Drang, the idea didn't come to us until Christmas Eve.

We'd like to know whether anyone local to NYC might have a decent-sounding cello that my brother Sean, a professional cellist, could borrow for the day, so that he might play some music for Mom, and possibly for the entire "5 South" section of the intensive care ward.

Anyone got a cello? Anyone know anyone in the music biz who'd be willing to lend a cello for Christmas, on very short notice? If so, leave a comment right on this blog post. That'll be faster than emailing me. If you can't figure out the comment system, then fine-- email me. As I've noted before, place "Kevin" in the subject line of your email, otherwise I'll have to search through my trash folder to find it.

Thanks in advance.


1 comment:

Maven said...

I just zapped a note to a message board I belong to ISO a cello to borrow in NYC. Please email me a cell # I can use so I can call you in the event someone is able to fullfill your wish.