Monday, December 21, 2009

cross your fingers

Mom's awake, but Dad's out of the room. He hopes to be back by 10AM to get Mom ready. We're going to try to leave at 11:30AM (moved forward from 11:45AM) so as to give us [read: Dad] a bit of extra time to deal with paperwork, etc. The MRI itself has been scheduled for 12:30PM.

Since I was awake at an absurdly early hour-- 7AM-- I've decided to make breakfast for the family before everyone gets up (my brother David was awake for a bit, but he's sleeping again as I write this). On tap for today: a mushy, nasty-good "casserole" of eggs, bread, sausage, and cheese. Some extra flavoring thrown in, of course. We've got some leftover challah bread that can be buttered and jammed up, along with a variety of fruits, some juices, several kinds of yogurt, and some cereal to round out the experience, and our bellies.

Cooking in the kitchenette has made me paranoid: the fire alarm is only a few feet away, and since Saturday, I've been petrified of accidentally tripping the alarm, which would necessitate sending everyone out of the building. How sensitive are fire alarms in New York? Do they go off when you severely burn your toast? That hasn't happened thus far, but there's always a first time.

Anyway, cross your fingers for Mom, if not for breakfast. I'm pretty sure the food will come out OK (I'm using a sturdy Calphalon pot to bake the casserole, as I didn't bring along an actual baking dish), but Mom is another matter.


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