Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas angel

My thanks to my brother Sean for providing a few minutes of beautiful music for Mom, and for the ICU (staffers requested an encore, so Sean played one more tune).

Mom was actually in pain before Sean began; David had texted me to say that Mom was waking up and reactive to the environment, even tracking movement with her eyes. As it turned out, Mom's wakefulness was a sign that she was in pain: her anti-pain medication had been reduced a while before, and she was starting to feel the effect of all the tubes, needles, and treatments.

A doctor later noted, however, that Mom's reaction was a good thing: it meant that she was still connected to the world, and not moving in a comatose direction.

We guys are off to a quiet Christmas dinner at a nearby restaurant called Nino's. I feel guilty that Mom can't be there to join us, but I'll try to think of this dinner as similar to past Christmases in which one or more family members were missing (such as when I was living in Korea or Europe, or when Sean was living in Canada).


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Anonymous said...

I am so glad you were able to find a way for Sean to play for Suk. Two nights ago as I was holding all of you up in prayer, the thought went through my mind that hearing Sean play would mean so much to Suk and could penetrate through to her soul even as other methods may not be. Music is healing, and Sean's playing is definitely healing to healthy souls! How much more so it would be for Suk.

They say that hearing is present even when the doctors have thought otherwise. Therefore, all the talking and soul-ful sharing you have been doing, Kevin, I'm sure is being received--even if there are no outward signs. My own experience base is very limited--that with my mother--but it was very real and made evident to us in a very special way. So, keep talking and sharing and loving like you have been doing. It's healing for all of you--including Suk.

A blessed Christmas for the Neidlinger family--even though not the one you expected.

Mary W.